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26eco+ Bosch Hot Water – drastically Lowered Price!

Bosch 26eco+ Hot Water

The Bosch 26eco+ hot water system is drastically reduced during Adelaide Hot Water’s Winter Special. Save 30% on your running cost with this unit, compared to the standard 26e. The Bosch 26eco+ has a huge 6.9 star energy rating helping to save big on your energy bills! Call Adelaide Hot Water TM today and book your Bosch 26eco+ hot water installation on (08) 8444 7311.


  • 6.9 Star Energy Rating
  • Ideal for 2 – 3 Bathroom Homes
  • 26 Litres Per Minute
  • Condensing Technology
  • Secondary Heat Exchanger for Maximum Efficiency
  • Install up to Four Optional Temperature Controllers
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas
  • Factory set at 55°C
  • Antifrost
  • External Installation
  • 3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • 10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
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The Bosch 26eco+ instant gas hot water system provides 26 litres of hot water per minute. It is ideal for homes with 2 – 3 bathrooms and uses condensing technology to help reduce your water heating bills. Do you need an Adelaide plumber to fix your hot water Adelaide? Do you need an emergency plumber in Adelaide? Do you need to repair or replace your current hot water system? Would the Bosch 26eco+ hot water system suit your hot water needs for your home. If so, call Adelaide Hot Water TM today for the very best Adelaide prices on Adelaide hot water systems on (08) 8444 7311.

*All listed prices include supply, installation, GST, and the removal and disposal of your old hot water unit. Prices only apply to the replacement of an existing legally installed continuous flow gas hot water unit on the face of an external wall same location. If a weather proof electrical isolator is required add the cost below to the listed price.

*Supply and installation for a weather proof electrical isolator. $220.00

For more information about Bosch 26eco+ Hot Water Systems Specifications click on the link.

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