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Buy Bosch and Win

March, April and May – Samsung TV Promotion
Call: (08) 8444 7311

Samsung TV Promo

In the months of March, April and May 2013 all buyers of our Bosch hot water systems will go into a draw for a new Samsung 51″ 130cm full HD plasma 3D TV.

The lucky winner of the Samsung 51″ 130cm full HD plasma 3D TV will be drawn in June 2013.

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September/October – South Australian Bosch Cash Bonus
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During the months of September and October – receive $100 cash back when you purchase a Bosch Hot Water System*

*Eligible Bosch Hot Water Units include – Bosch Highflow 17e and 21e.

For further information including ‘Terms and Conditions’ and the ‘Cash Bonus Redemption Form’ click here.

September/October – Bosch 17E reduced price and receive $100 cash back
Call: (08) 8444 7311

17E Bosch

  • Suitable for 1-2 bathrooms
  • Continuous flow technology
  • Amazing 5.5+ star energy rating
  • Compact Bosch design
  • Natural or LP
  • Antifrost
  • 50°C limited models available
  • External Installation
  • Up to 4 Temperature Controllers which include:
  • A unique bath filling function
  • Digital display controllers
  • Priority switch
  • Call button on controllers – for elderly or disabled requiring assistance in the bathroom
  • Computer controlled constant water temperature
  • In-built computer for fault diagnostic
  • Premium Warranties – 10 year heat exchanger warranty (part only), 3 year warranty on parts and labour

From September 2012 untill October 2012 Bosch’s premium gas continuous flow hot water system is at a drastically reduced price of $1155 installed and receive $100 cash back from Bosch.

Fully installed price $1155.00 – When replacing existing instantaneous on the Face of an external wall

*All listed prices include supply, installation, GST, and the removal and disposal of your old hot water unit.

Prices only apply  to the replacement of an existing legally installed continuous flow gas hot water unit on the face of an external wall same location. If a weather proof electrical isolator is required add the cost below to the listed price.

*Supply and installation for a weather proof electrical isolator.  $220.00

The highest quality German owned hot water manufacturer and have been making hot water systems of the highest quality since 1962.

On a global scale, Bosch has lead the way for 40 years with over $900 million donated to charities world wide.

Bosch Hot Water in South Australia has donated over $300,000 to the Little Heroes Foundation, supporting children with cancer and serious illness

June, July and August – Samsung Promo
Call: (08) 8444 7311

Samsung Promo

In the months of June, July and August 2012 all buyers of our Bosch hot water systems went into a draw for a new SAMSUNG 51″ HIGH DEFINITION PLASMA TV.

The lucky winner of the SAMSUNG 51″ HIGH DEFINITION PLASMA TV will be drawn on 10th September 2012.

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