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Save Money on your Hot Water System

Many homeowners are looking to reduce their gas and electricity bills as a result of constant rising energy costs. A new hot water system from Adelaide Hot Water TM is a great way to have a big impact on your energy bills. We install energy efficient and cost-effective water heaters in Adelaide and across the local country region. Our staff of Adelaide plumbing experts provide free hot water advice to help you select the most appropriate hot water system for your requirements.

We pride ourselves on providing quality service and advice to our valued customers who have helped us create a successful business for over 20 years. Adelaide Hot Water TM provide many different packages for hot water heaters including gas, electric, heat pump and solar water heating systems.

Our extensive range of highly efficient hot water systems can help reduce your hot water energy expenses by as much as 50%. Just imagine the impact that would have on your power bills.

We can offer a range of water heating systems for hot water including our highly efficient gas systems, our minimal usage electrical systems and our low emission solar hot water units. Are you looking for a new hot water system? Call the Adelaide plumbers that are experts in hot water systems on (08) 8444 7311.

Which Hot Water System is Right for Your Home?

Looking for Gas Hot Water in Adelaide?

Gas Hot Water

Gas hot water systems are the most popular for hot water supply. Our Gas water heaters are cheaper than heat pump systems or solar hot water systems for their initial expense. Adelaide Hot Water TM have an extensive selection of gas hot water products available in natural gas. Gas hot water brands that provide water heating systems suitable for Adelaide homes include Rinnai, Bosch and Rheem.

Gas hot water units are available as either a gas storage hot water system or an instantaneous gas hot water system. Instantaneous gas hot water systems provide an unlimited supply of water and some can be fitted with a controller inside your property for easy hot water temperature adjustment.

Gas hot water units have a lifespan of about 10 – 15 years. A Gas hot water system is space saving and will help you save energy. Natural Gas hot water has low operating costs and will minimize issues due to electricity failures. Hot Water Adelaide can provide you with significant Government rebates when upgrading from an existing electrical hot water system to a 5 star gas hot water system.

Do you need Electric Hot Water in Adelaide?

Electric Hot Water

Electrical hot water systems in Adelaide usually run on the normal domestic electricity supply. Electrical hot water systems are often run ‘off peak’ for a more economical solution. Our electric hot water units typically use an immersion element within a storage tank. If you need a new electric hot water unit in Adelaide call our hot water experts on (08) 8444 7311.

Thinking about Solar Hot Water in Adelaide?

Solar Hot Water

We supply a range of solar hot water systems suitable for Adelaide including brands like AquaMax, Bosch, Envirosun, Equinox and Rheem. Our solar hot water systems are highly effective and efficient at heating water. Our solar water heating systems create very little greenhouse gas emissions and they can easily produce up to 90% of a typical households hot water requirements. We supply solar water heating systems that can significantly lower your daily energy expenses by as much as $300 a year.

If you are considering solar hot water our local Adelaide plumbing experts can advise you on the best solar system to suit your needs. We only supply and fit leading solar hot water systems from quality solar suppliers.

While the typical solar water heating installation costs are higher, over the lifetime of the system the significant savings to your energy bill compensate for that by as much as $300 a year. We can also assist you with the Government rebates that are available, which will help to lower the installation costs. Not sure which hot water system is best for your home? Call the Adelaide plumbers who are the experts on(08) 8444 7311.

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