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Midea Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Harvest the free energy from our plentiful air to heat your water with the advanced Midea heat pump from Chromagen. This renewable energy water heating technology uses up to 65% less energy than a conventional water heater, whilst providing reliable hot water all day and night.

Smart Technology – Heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to efficiently transfer thermal energy directly from the surrounding air and into the water, and so do not rely on direct sun or fossil fuels to provide an energy source.


Operational modes
ECO (Heat Pump Only) mode: The standard
mode where the highest efficiency is achieved

Hybrid Mode: The Heat Pump & E-heater operate
together to ensure the set temperature is achieved

E-Heater: When the air temperature drops to
below 5°C, the heat pump will automatically select
E-heater mode for an electric hot water boost

Wide Operating Range
Operates as low as 5°C in ECO mode & between -20°C & 45°C with additional E-heat boost

Tank-Wrapped Condenser Coil
For efficient heat transfer & preventing water contamination

Low Operating Noise
Operating at a very low 48/49 dBA you will hardly know it’s there!

Auto Disinfection
Periodically heating the water beyond its set temp to prevent the growth of bacteria and legionella

Power Outage Memory
Settings are retained in the event of a power outage

Warranty Information (warranty conditions apply)

Storage cylinder
5 year warranty
3 year warranty on labour

3 years warranty
1 years warranty on labour

Electronics, Parts & Labour
1 years warranty Electronics, Parts & Labour

Heat Pump Model HP170 HP280
Nominal volume capacity (L) 170 280
Voltage / Hz / Phase 220-240 / 50 / 1 220-240 / 50 / 1
Element input power (W) 2150 3000
Heating capacity – Heat Pump Only (W) 1500 2000
Max water temperature (°C) 65 60
Max rated input power (W) / current (A) 2780 / 12.1 4000 / 17.3
Relief valve pressure (kPa) 1000 1000
Noise level (dBA) 48 49
Net Weight (kg) 90 154
Pipe connection diameter (mm) DN20 DN20
Cylinder Type Vitreous Enamel Vitreous Enamel
Outdoor resistance class IP24 IP24
Operating Mode Function Manual Manual
igerant type/quantity R134a / 0.8kg R134a / 1.6kg