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Solar Hot Water

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Solar Hot Water

Are you looking to buy a new solar hot water system? Adelaide Hot Water TM offer a range of system solutions that save on domestic hot water heating bills whilst helping to protect the environment. Domestic hot water still accounts for around 30% of an average household’s total energy use and it’s total greenhouse gas emissions. If you are switching from electric hot water system to a solar hot water system you can save a bundle on your household electric bill. By installing a new solar hot water heater, instead of a traditional electric hot water heater you could save up to 70% off your hot water energy bill. Installing a solar water heater from Adelaide Hot Water TM you can greatly reduce your energy bills as it will use free solar energy from the sun to heat your household water at zero cost. Call us now on (08) 8444 7311.

To help with the initial installation cost you may also be eligible a government renewable energy rebate. So, there’s not only substantial savings to be had, but you could be eligible a government renewable energy rebate. Substantial energy savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a government renewable energy rebate! Now buying solar from Adelaide Hot Water TM has never been easier.

To ensure continuity of your hot water supply we offer a range of both electric boosted and gas boosted systems. So, even on a cloudy day you can still have piping hot water. Call Adelaide Hot Water TM today for a free solar hot water quote and start saving on your energy bills now.

Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems

  • Gas boosted solar systems are the most energy efficient
  • Emits the least amount of greenhouse gas
  • Save between 50 to 90 percent on your hot water energy bill
  • Available from 160 to 480 litres
  • Systems supplied with 1 to 4 solar panels
  • Available with gas boosters ranging from 18 to 32 litres/minute
  • Gas booster units ensure continuity of your hot water supply
  • Choose a close coupled system (panels and tank are on the roof)
  • Or a split system (panels on the roof/tank and booster on the ground)
  • Can be used as preheater to an existing tank
  • The lowest running costs of all hot water systems
  • Government rebates of up to $1500 (conditions apply)
  • High to medium water pressure
  • Warranties from 5 to 10 years

Give us a call and we can help guide you through selecting the right solar hot water product that best suits your situation. We offer a range of traditional flat plate and super efficient evacuated tube collector solar systems. Our solar water systems are both ground mounted solar water systems or roof mounted solar hot water systems. We also offer a range of the new heat pump technology hot water systems that save equivalent amounts of energy and greenhouse gas emissions to electric boosted solar systems. One advantage a heat pump hot water system has over a solar water heater is its ability to simply take the place of an existing electric water heater (no roof mounting req).

Adelaide Hot Water TM only install are the highest quality hot water systems at the lowest prices! So you can rest assured you won’t end up with a inferior cheap solar hot water system with no warranty. Adelaide Hot Water TM only install solar water heaters from industry recognised brands like AquaMAX, Bosch and Rheem. Adelaide Hot Water TM started over 25 years ago and we take pride in providing our customers with professional hot water systems. So, if you are looking for hot water free from the sun, our solar water heaters and heat pump systems are just what you are looking for. Call us today for our best solar hot water prices on (08) 8444 7311.

Currently, there are solar hot water rebates available when you switch from an existing electric hot watersystem. These hot water rebates can be substantial and really help reduce the cost of your new hot water installation.

The current range of solar hot water makes that we offer include AquaMax solar, Bosch solar, Envirosun solar, Equinox solar and Rheem solar. All of our solar hot water makes and models are incredibly energy efficient providing up to a 60 percent saving in your energy usage. They all produce lower greenhouse emissions than electric hot water or gas hot water systems and they are suitable for both small and large families.

Current models include;

AquaMax Solar

If you’re looking for assistance in selecting a new AquaMax solar hot water system call us today on (08) 8444 7311.

Bosch Solar

Bosch solar hot water systems from Adelaide Hot Water are available for installation today! We provide reliable and professional Bosch solar hot water advice on the most suitable Bosch solar unit to suit your Adelaide solar hot water requirements. Call us today for a free quote on your new water heating appliance on (08) 8444 7311.

Envirosun Solar

Envirosun tanks are supplied with a Colorbond® weather proof casing, they are vitreous enamel lined steel with sacrificial anode and they have a high density thermal insulation. This robust construction insures all new solar hot water systems have a long water tank life. If you would like to know more about Envirosun or any of our water heating systems suitable for Adelaide weather conditions, call us (08) 8444 7311.

Equinox Solar

A new Equinox solar hot water system can be installed at your Adelaide home in less than 24 hours byAdelaide Hot Water TM. Our Adelaide hot water experts are ready to provide you with the friendly help and advice on the right solar hot water heater for your family’s needs. Call Adelaide Hot Water TM today and speak to our expert Adelaide plumbers on (08) 8444 7311.

Rheem Solar

Rheem solar hot water can help make big savings on your current power bills. A new Rheem system fromAdelaide Hot Water TM can help to save you up to a huge 70% off of your current water heating energy bills. Call Adelaide Hot Water TM today and ask our Adelaide plumbers how much you can expect to save when you install a Rheem solar unit at your Adelaide property.

For more information on our Adelaide solar water heaters check out our hot water brochures pages for our solar hot water systems suitable for Adelaide and the local country areas. Our solar water heating brochures include AquaMax brochures, Bosch brochures, Envirosun brochures, Equinox brochures andRheem brochures.

Whether you live in a small town house or a large country property Adelaide Hot Water TM has a solar system to suit your hot water requirements. Give the Adelaide solar hot water experts a call today on (08) 8444 7311.