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Gas Hot Water Systems

Heating water can account for up to 25% of an average household’s energy use. So, it is important to gain the maximum energy efficiency from your hot water system. Electric hot water systems that can heat your domestic hot water at any time of day are the most expensive. Off-peak electric water heating systems that only heat your water when the electricity tariffs are lower have similar running costs to gas hot water units, depending on your electricity tariffs. But, they only heat your hot water during off-peak times. Gas hot water saves you money, is more energy efficient than electric hot water and is kinder to the environment. A new gas hot water heater can save up to 33% of your greenhouse gas emissions when compared with an equivalent electric storage heater. This massive saving is similar to taking an average sized car off of the road. Hot water systems powered by gas can also be used in conjunction with solar hot water. Gas water heating systems can burn either natural gas or bottled gas (LPG) and they are available as either a gas storage system or instantaneous gas system. If you live in an area without a natural gas supply, LPG is available across South Australia.

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Gas Hot Water Rebates

To assist with some of the costs of transferring from electric hot water to gas hot water Government rebates may be available. Gas hot water prices for transferring from electric hot water to gas can be subsidised with gas hot water rebates. We can assist with the paperwork for your gas hot water rebate to help make this process as easy as possible.

Types of Gas Water Heaters

Which is the best gas hot water heater for your water heating needs? Finding the best system for your hot water requirements can depend very much on your particular household’s water heating requirements. Our water heating advice for the best gas hot water system to suit your needs will depend on various factors. Like; how many people live in your home? How many bathrooms does your home have? Do you have either natural gas or bottled gas (LPG)? Would you prefer to spend a little more on your gas hot water appliance now so you can save more on your energy bills? Or are you looking for a cheap gas hot water system today? Do you need advice on cheap gas hot water systems? Do you need your current gas hot water replacing today? These questions can help us to determine the best gas hot water system to suit your needs. Our advice will change depending on your requirements and the best gas hot water heaters to suit your needs may not be the best hot water heaters gas or electric to suit all hot water requirements. When choosing gas hot water there is two main types to consider, either instantaneous gas hot water or gas storage hot water.

Continuous Gas Hot Water

Continuous gas hot water, continuous flow, instantaneous, tankless gas hot water or on-demand gas hot water are all terms used to describe a water heating system that heats water using gas as and when required. Unlike hot water storage units there is no hot water tank storing hot water that may or may not be being used. This can help save even more money on your gas hot water bills by not heating water that is not being used. Continuous hot water gas systems are available in two different types. The simplest type has a fixed burner so the temperature of the water will vary with the rate of water flow. The simple continuous flow gas hot water systems usually have a pilot flame or battery ignition. These tankless gas water heaters are a continuous flow hot water system that does not need an electricity supply. They are usually limited to low flow rates of less than 16 litres per minute. These small gas continuous hot water systems are not suitable for domestic water heating in homes of more than one bathroom. They are usually the cheapest gas hot water systems to purchase and install.

The more advanced instantaneous gas water heaters can be fitted with electronic controls that vary the flame size on the water heater. This allows the hot water flow from the gas hot water heater to deliver hot water at a constant preset temperature. Internal fans inside the unit assist in the combustion efficiency and help improve the hot water efficiency. When these units are fitted with temperature controls inside the home, this allows for greater control of your hot water as you can set the water temperature as required. When you preset the water temperature to exactly the temperature you require, you don’t need to mix hot and cold water together to ensure a safe and comfortable bathing temperature.

If you are looking to save even more money on your hot water, consider the highly efficient, condensing instantaneous water heating systems. Instantaneous condensing gas hot water uses the heat from the units exhaust to pre-heat the cold water. By using the waste exhaust heat before it enters the heat exchanger the gas hot water energy consumed is further reduced. Instantaneous condensing units are rated at 6 stars as this is the highest energy efficiency rating. It can therefore be more appropriate to compare these units by the MJ per year energy consumption figure on the label. This is currently the maximum rating, so when comparing two gas hot water heaters look for the energy rating and the mega joule (MJ) usage per year in each unit’s energy consumption. Instant gas hot water is convenient and can be incredibly energy efficient. An instant gas hot water heater can cost as little as a few hundred dollars when replacing an existing instant gas hot water system. These units have a compact design and they are great for when space is limited. Instant gas hot water heaters are available in a range of makes including Bosch, Dux, Rheem and Rinnai. When you compare these systems to heat pump or solar hot water systems, they are the lowest cost alternative to purchase and install. If you are looking for and instant gas hot water system price call us today on (08) 8444 7311. Adelaide Hot Water can repair or replace your instantaneous gas hot water systems in less than 24 hours.

Gas Storage

All gas storage systems work in a very similar way. Gas storage hot water systems have four main variations. Firstly, what is the tank material? The most common gas hot water storage tank material is enamelled steel as it is cheap and long-lasting. However, if you wish to buy a gas hot water storage unit consider a system which is fitted with a stainless steel tank. Stainless steel tanks usually last longer than enamelled steel tanks that are fitted to hot water gas storage systems. The second major difference is the tank size; make sure to purchase a hot water tank that is big enough for your current needs but also for any future needs. Are you planning to increase your family size, purchasing a spa or increasing the number of bathrooms in your home? The third major difference in a gas storage system is the burner and flue technology. Some models of gas hot water heaters use a special flue system. To improve efficiency, these flue systems recirculate the heat from the flue around the outside of the water heating tank. This increases the heat transfer in to the water of the gas hot water system and increases their efficiency. The fourth most important difference is where the hot water system will be located. Hot water systems that are flued by gas and are installed indoors need a flue to exhaust the gases outdoors.

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water or Gas Storage Hot Water?

Put very simply, instantaneous water heaters heat water instantly, while gas storage water heaters store hot water in a tank.

Which Gas Hot Water System is Right For You?

So you have decided on either an instant/tankless gas water heater or a gas water heater with a hot water storage tank. If you are just looking for water heating advice or if you would like to buy gas hot water system we currently install a wide of range gas hot water systems. The major hot water brands worth considering for gas hot water include AquaMax, Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai and Vulcan. We don’t install cheap hot water systems that are prone to breakdowns. Typical gas hot water heater prices start at a few hundred dollars for a small instantaneous water heater suitable for a small family. The average cost of a gas water heater can depend on the brand of the gas hot water system, the size of the water tank and whether the hot water tank is made from enamelled steel or stainless steel. If you would like to know the cost of a gas hot water heater suitable for your home call us today on 8444 7311. If you are you looking for prices, these can be given over the phone once our expert plumbers have assessed your current hot water setup.

Gas Water Heating Systems

AquaMax Gas Hot Water

AquaMax gas hot water systems are available as AquaMax gas storage systems. AquaMax don’t currently make an instant gas hot water system.

AquaMax Gas Storage Hot Water

AquaMax gas systems include the MAXI-namel cylinder AquaMax 270 VE and the AquaMax stainless steel cylinder models, the AquaMax 270 SS, the AquaMax 340 SS and the larger AquaMax 390 SS. The AquaMax gas hot water units are all 5 star energy rated. They have a five (MAXI-namel cylinder) & Ten (stainless steel cylinder) year cylinder warranty. They have up to a massive 390 litre first hour capacity of piping hot water. And they can be fitted with a twin temperature delivery kit (kit required). AquaMax gas hot water can supply multiple taps concurrently with no fluctuating temperatures.

Bosch Hot Water

We fit, repair and replace Bosch continuous/instantaneous hot water systems. Bosch doesn’t currently make a Bosch gas storage hot water system. Call us today for Bosch gas hot water service on (08) 8444 7311.

Bosch Continuous Flow Hot Water

Bosch hot water offers a range of Bosch continuous hot water systems that provide instantaneous hot water on-demand. Bosch HighFlow systems provide continuous gas hot water at various flow rates including the 17 litres per minute Bosch 17e gas hot water, the 21 litres per minute Bosch 21e gas hot water and the 26 litres per minute Bosch 26e gas hot water HighFlow gas hot water appliances. These units can be fitted with recess boxes and they can also be fitted with system controllers like Bosch premium controllers and Bosch standard controllers. Bosch also provide continuous flow condensing gas hot water units from their Bosch condensing gas hot water range and they include the Bosch 26eco+ gas hot water system and the Bosch 32C gas hot water systems. Bosch Hydropower gas hot water systems ignite the burner and begin the heating process by using the energy created by water flow. Bosch internal gas hot water compact systems include the Bosch Ci10 gas hot water, the Bosch Ci13 gas hot water, theBosch Ci16 gas hot water and the Bosch Pilot ignition gas hot water. Bosch HighFlow gas hot water range allows you the enjoyment and the convenience of gas hot water with outstanding quality, high efficiency and high capacities. Bosch instant hot water systems are easy to use and can be fitted with temperature controllers inside your house. Their instant gas hot water heaters feature compact designs for external installation. The Bosch range is very energy efficient with 5.5+ star energy ratings. They can be fitted with up to 4 optional temperature controllers for easy control of your household water temperatures. Their continuous flow technology provides reliable hot water 24/7. For peace of mind the Bosch gas hot water systems are antifrost as standard and come with 3 year parts and labour warranty and 10 year heat exchanger warranty. Bosch electronic HighFlow systems are suitable for 1-3 bathroom homes. If you need to replace or repair your Bosch gas hot water system call our expert gas plumbers today on (08) 8444 7311.

Dux Hot Water

Dux gas hot water systems include both continuous and gas storage hot water systems. Dux is the largest locally owned hot water system manufacturer in Australia and they have been producing hot water systems since 1915. Dux systems provide gas water heater prices that make them the hot water system of choice for many Australian homes. Dux gas hot water has continually grown and their research and development in hot water technology has resulted in many advances in hot water systems. Dux are known for their energy efficiency, robust reliability and longevity. If you need further advice on Dux call us today for expert advice and talk to our Dux specialists on (08) 8444 7311.

Dux Continuous Flow Hot Water

The Dux gas storage hot water systems provide an instant and continuous flow of hot water to your home. As with all gas instant hot water systems, Dux gas instant hot water heaters only heat the water that you use. The Dux Endurance hot water models supply between 20 and 26 litres of hot water per minute. They are external gas hot water appliances and the Dux Endurance Plus models feature an all-weather cover, while the Endurance Premium models features a stainless steel cover. They are all highly efficient providing a 5 star energy rating. Dux gas instant hot water heaters can have controllers fitted but bathrooms must be tempered when adding hot water controllers. If you are looking for a gas instant hot water heater with an impressive warranty, Dux provide a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 3 year warranty on parts and labour. Dux instant gas hot water can be supplied at 16/20/26 litres per minute from the Endurance 16 gas hot water instant system, Endurance 20PN instant gas hot water system and the instant Endurance 26 gas hot water heater. Dux also make a premium gas hot water appliance, the Endurance Premium 5 Star continuous flow system.

Dux Gas Storage Hot Water

The Dux storage gas hot water systems are available as either the Dux Prodigy 3 gas storage hot water system or the Dux Prodigy 5 gas storage hot water system. Both of these gas hot water models are gas storage systems and they are backed-up with solid warranties. The Dux Prodigy 3 has a 7 year tank warranty and a 1 year parts and labour warranty. While the Dux Prodigy 5 has a 10 year tank warranty and a 1 year parts and labour warranty. Dux gas storage systems have the same footprint as an old rectangular 3 star external gas storage unit. They can deliver over 2,000 litres of piping hot water over the course of a day at full mains pressure to all taps. Dux gas hot water 3/5 is available in both natural gas and propane gas and they are fitted with a Duro-namel® tank lining for extra corrosion protection.

Rheem Hot Water

Rheem manufacture and supply two models of Rheem gas hot water storage systems in Australia. They are the Rheem Stellar gas hot water and the Rheem 5 Star gas hot water systems. Rheem gas hot water heaters are reliable, family friendly and they are used right across Australia. A Rheem gas hot water system is a cost effective, reliable way to supply gas hot water for all the family. If you are looking for Rheem gas hot water systems prices call water heating plumbers today on (08) 8444 7311.

Rheem Gas Storage Hot Water

Suitable for 2 to 4 people the Rheem Stellar 850330 has a 5.2 star energy rating and a 130 litre storage capacity. For slightly larger homes the Rheem Stellar 850360 is suitable for 3 to 5 people, stores up to 160 litres of hot water and has a 5.0 star energy rating. Both models come with a 10 year cylinder warranty, 5 year labour on the cylinder warranty and a 1 year parts and labour warranty. Both can be run on natural or propane gas and they can reheat water at 200 litres per hour. For increased efficiency and performance the Rheem Stellar can be fitted with a Stellar SuperFlue. The Rheem 5 Star models provide 5 star energy efficiency technologies with power, performance and reliability. The Rheem 5 Star models supply mains pressure hot water to multiple taps at the same time. The Rheem 5 Star 350265 is suitable for 2 to 3 people with a 130 litre storage capacity and a 5.3 star energy rating. The Rheem 5 Star 350295is more suitable for 3 to 4 people, has a 160 litre storage capacity, a 5.3 star energy rating and can provide you with strong gas heated hot water recovery.

Rinnai Hot Water

Rinnai manufacture and supply continuous gas hot water systems in Australia. The Rinnai instant hot water range is suitably called Rinnai Infinity. Rinnai gas hot water systems are a popular choice for heating water in Australia. Rinnai gas hot water offers reasonable pricing for reliable hot water suitable for any home.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water

Rinnai continuous flow hot water from the Infinity range can also supply instant hot water at up to 26 litres per minute, which is suitable for large family homes. For smaller properties with one bathroom theRinnai Infinity 16 instant gas hot water systems will produce more hot water than you need. For homes with two bathrooms consider the Rinnai Infinity 20 gas hot water instant systems, for properties with 2 bathrooms consider the Rinnai Infinity 26 and for properties with more than 3 bathrooms consider theRinnai Infinity 32 gas water heating systems. The Rinnai Infinity 26Plus is the same as the standard Rinnai 26 hot water gas model with a range of other features like a new slimline casing with silver metallic finish and a variable flow rate. If you are looking for an internal hot water appliance the Rinnai Infinity 26 (Internal) offers flexible flueing options allowing installation virtually anywhere (flueing options sold separately). If you are looking for gas hot water continuous flow systems that have green credentials Rinnai provides a condensing unit. The Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro is Australia’s most efficient 26 litre hot water system.

Vulcan Hot Water

If you are looking for a reliable range of water heaters with reasonable gas hot water system prices, Vulcan offer a range of water storage heaters with 4 star energy efficiency. A Vulcan gas heater offers reliability and a 4 star energy rating.

Vulcan Gas Storage Hot Water

Vulcan gas hot water systems are made in Australia, are cost effective and a 5 year warranty. Vulcan gas hot water supplies mains pressure hot water to multiple taps at the same time and they are fitted with hot water tanks capable of storing 135 and 170 litres of gas heated hot water. They are suitable for natural or propane gas, they are fitted with a steel jacket and an enamelled steel cylinder. Vulcan gas storage systems offer both reliability and high performance with 4 star energy efficiency across the gas range.

Gas Hot Water Repair or Replace?

Gas hot water heater not working? If you are experiencing problems and you are not sure if you need to repair or replace your water heater call our hot water plumbers for expert advice. We offer free advice over the phone and we provide gas hot water heater repair and if a repair is not possible we can provide you with a gas hot water heater replacement. We understand that gas boilers can breakdown at the most inconvenient times and so we provide a 24 hour replacement service. Our gas heating systems are fitted by professional plumbers that are always on time, honest, reliable and are fully insured. All work is guaranteed and they don’t just provide gas hot water heater installation but they also provide gas service and gas safety advice on all gas hot water heating systems. Gas heaters can be serviced by our gas engineers at a convenient time for you. We provide prompt service and repairs and we will have your water hot again in no time. We have been servicing and repairing water heaters for local families for over 25 years. We offer friendly service and cost effective plumbing solutions. Hot water gas systems from Adelaide Hot Water TM provide a low cost solution to your water heating needs.

New Gas Hot Water

If you are contemplating a new gas system for your hot water consider the long-term benefits of solar boosted gas hot water. Solar gas hot water can save you up to $300 per year and so over the average lifespan of a solar gas hot water system the savings can easily be larger than the initial extra costs associated with solar gas hot water systems. Plus a solar gas water heater has the added green benefits of lower carbon emotions. A solar hot water gas boosted system could help reduce your energy bills for years to come.

Reduce your Gas Hot Water Bill!

If you would like to know some other ways to help reduce your gas hot water bills try;

  • For a low cost/big impact try changing your shower rose to a AAA rated shower rose. Just this on it’s own can save about 25% of hot water energy usage
  • Try reducing your shower time to as short as possible. Showering for around 4 minutes allows for a comfortable shower without the big energy bills. It is also best to bathe very occasionally.
  • If you’re going away for an extended period, save wasting energy maintaining set thermostat temperatures on gas storage heaters by turning your hot water unit off
  • Next time you need to replace your hot water gas or electric system consider upgrading your water heater to a solar hot water or heat pump hot water system

Gas instant hot water and hot water tank gas systems are both cheap systems to run and can be installed quickly and at a cost effective price. Gas instant has the added advantage of not having to store hot water in a tank at the expense of keeping the water hot. Gas hot water tank prices can vary depending on the tank size, tank material, make and model and any additions that may be required. Gas hot water tanks typically last for 10 to 15 years and so when considering a gas hot water unit it is worth considering gas boosted solar. A gas boosted solar hot water system can help save you a large amount of money offer the lifetime of the gas boosted solar hot water appliance. If you currently have electric hot water consider the pros and cons of gas hot water vs electric hot water. Mains gas systems are cheaper to run than electric gas water heaters. Electric water heater versus gas water heater burn more carbon to heat your water and electric water heaters are not instant water heaters like gas instantaneous hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water Service

Hot water systems, gas or otherwise, should only be serviced by a properly qualified gas plumber. Our qualified gas plumbers will fix your gas water system professionally, safely and quickly. Adelaide Hot Water TM can repair or replace your hot water systems gas, electric, solar or heat pump within 24 hours. If you need a gas hot water price, gas water heater installation, gas hot water service or gas hot water repairs call Adelaide Hot Water TM on (08) 8444 7311.

Gas Hot Water Makes and Models

Bosch Gas Hot Water Systems
Pilot Hydro Compact Highflow Commercial
10P External 10H External Internal Ci10 17E 32
13P 13H Internal Ci13 21E 32Q
16P 16H Internal Ci16 26E
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Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems
Stellar 330 360
Aquamax Gas Hot Water Systems
Aquamax 270 340 390

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