Adelaide Hot Water - Emergency Advice

Emergency Advice

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Emergency Advice

Adelaide Hot Water TM provide some helpful “hints & tips” for when a problem occurs with your current hot water system.

General Advice

DO NOT attempt to repair your hot water system yourself as this may result in serious harm to yourself or your family.

DO contact Adelaide Hot Water TM plumbing services if you have a problem with your hot water system on (08) 8444 7311.

No Hot Water – Gas

Firstly, check your other household gas appliances to make sure that they have a supply of gas. If there is no gas available to your premises, contact your local gas supplier. Secondly, check the pilot light is on. If the pilot light is not lit, refer to the operating manual for the correct lighting procedure. If you experience problems when you try to re-light the pilot light yourself, contact Adelaide Hot Water TM for assistance on(08) 8444 7311.

No Hot Water – Electric

Firstly, make sure that the household circuit breaker has not been tripped or that the main fuse has not blown. Secondly, check you main electricity meter and see if it is recording any power usage. If it is recording power usage, this would indicate that the hot water system is being heated again. After an hour check the tap closest in distance to the water heater, after a short period you should feel the water beginning to heat. If the water coming from the tap is still cold after a short while there may be a problem. Please contact Adelaide Hot Water TM plumbing services on (08) 8444 7311.