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Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems come in a wide range of sizes and they can be installed either internally or externally. When heating water, electric heating systems provide a reliable source of hot water for all the family. They provide you with a ‘set and forget’ convenient solution to your family’s hot water needs. Tank sizes range from small 50 litre sizes suitable for units and small homes through to large 400 litre tanks suitable for large family homes. Electric water heater brands include AquaMax electric hot water systems, Dux electric hot water, Rheem electric hot water, Rinnai electric hot water and Vulcan electric hot water. No hot water? Do you need a new electric hot water system? Call us now on (08) 8444 7311.

Which Electric Hot Water System?

Selecting the right electric hot water system can have a dramatic effect on your power bill. The average South Australian household uses their hot water heater many times, every day. It is therefore important that you select the most effective and energy efficient hot water heater that suits your needs. Adelaide Hot Water TM plumbing services supply & install a wide range of efficient electric water heaters and electric hot water tanks from a range of suppliers. When selecting the size of your electric water heating system, firstly calculate not just the number of people currently living in your home but the maximum number of people likely to living in your home during the lifetime of your hot water system (possibly 10 to 15 years). Are you planning to increase your family size? When you have an idea of your maximum household size you can select your tank size. A new electrical hot water tank is available in a range of sizes.

  • 25/50 litre tank is suitable for 1 person
  • 80 litre tanks is suitable for 1 to 2 people
  • 125 litre tanks is suitable for 2 to 3 people
  • 160 litre tanks is suitable for 2 to 4 people
  • 250 litre tanks is suitable for 3 to 5 people
  • 315 litre tanks is suitable for 4 to 6 people
  • 400 litre tanks is suitable for 5 to 9 people

Electrical hot water systems are easy to operate, convenient and provide a reliable source of hot water for all the family. If you need an electrical hot water heater fitted fast, call our emergency plumbing team on (08) 8444 7311.

Electric Water Heating Systems

AquaMax Electric Hot Water

AquaMax offer a range of efficient electric hot water heaters that are up to 15% more efficient than the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS). Their electric water heaters were the winner of the Top Energy Saver Award and their systems are suitable for large and small families supplying mains pressure hot water to your whole household. AquaMax is a trusted name in electric hot water and they provide a five year cylinder warranty for peace of mind. AquaMax electric hot water systems are available in sizes suitable for households with 1 to 9 people. Tanks are MAXI-namel® lined tanks and sizes include theAquaMax 50, the AquaMax 80, the AquaMax 125, the AquaMax 160, the AquaMax 160 Squat for less head-room, the AquaMax 250, the AquaMax 315 and the huge AquaMax 400.

Rheem Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water heating systems by Rheem provide a trusted source of water heating systems suitable for homes that must have electric water heaters. Rheem electric hot water heater installation can be arranged within 24 hours and Rheem electric hot water heaters cost less from Adelaide Hot Water TM. Rheem water heaters provide reliability and high performance. Rheem have been making hot water appliances for over 70 years and they pride themselves on their water heating experience and expertise.Rheem Electric water heaters provide a large selection of high quality electric hot water heaters like theRheem Optima 411250 (250 litre tank) and the Rheem Optima 411315 (315 litre tank). The Rheem Optima electric water heaters are a long-term water heating option with a 10 year cylinder warranty and increased anode protection. The Rheem Optima has a choice of sizes including the 250 litre, the 315 litre & the 400 litre capacities. All models can take advantage of ‘off-peak’ energy tariffs which can have a dramatic effect on your energy consumption and help keep your electric bills to a minimum. The Rheem Optima electric hot water heating models are available with twin elements, for boosted hot water 24hrs a day. The Rheem Rheemglas provides a larger range of hot water tank sizes. Cylinder capacities range from the small compact 25 litre to the largest 400 litre capacity, suitable for a large 5 to 9 person family. The Rheemglas electric hot water tanks are fitted with a vitreous enamel lining and anode to protect the welded steel cylinder. Rheemglas models can also take advantage of ‘off-peak’ energy tariffs. Rheem Rheemglas electric water heaters include the Rheem Rheemglas 111025, the Rheem Rheemglas 111080, the Rheem Rheemglas 111125, the Rheem Rheemglas 111160, the Rheem Rheemglas 111250 and theRheem Rheemglas 111315. If you are looking for a new Rheem electric hot water heater or you’re not quite sure which Rheem electric hot water systems you should be contemplating call one of our staff for the very best advice on Rheem electric water heaters. A new Rheem electric water heater can be installed within 24 hours. Our Rheem hot water heaters electric and gas are in stock and our plumbers are ready for your call. If you need an electric water heater installed today call Adelaide Hot Water TM today on (08) 8444 7311.

Rinnai Electric Hot Water

Rinnai range of HOTFLO electric hot water systems are fitted with vitreous enamel lined steel tanks as well as inbuilt anode protection for extended tank life. The Rinnai electric hot water units are suitable for an internal or external situation and they are fitted with a thermostatically controlled safety temperature shut-off valve. They are also fitted with foam insulation that exceeds the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) by an Average of 20%. Hot water tank sizes start with the Rinnai 40 litre suitable for one person. The next tank size is the Rinnai 80 litre suitable for one to two persons. Then for family sized hot water tanks there are the Rinnai 125 litre, the Rinnai 160 litre, the Rinnai 200 litre, the Rinnai 315 litre and the very large the Rinnai 400 litre. If you would like to know the best electric hot water system to suit your requirements call one of our friendly electric hot water plumbers today on (08) 8444 7311.

Vulcan Electric Hot Water

Vulcan electric hot water systems provide a range of tank sizes including the Vulcan 49 litre, the Vulcan 53 litre, the Vulcan 90 litre, the Vulcan 135 litre, the Vulcan 165 litre, the Vulcan 270 litre, the Vulcan 325 litre, the Vulcan and 410 litre models. The Vulcan electric cylinders have a ceramic lining that is bonded to the inside of the hot water tank providing extra protection. Vulcan electric systems have a 4 star energy efficiency rating and they are backed with a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

What does an Electric Hot Water System Cost?

Electric hot water system prices vary from a few hundred dollars and can extend to several thousand dollars when replacing an electric hot water system with an alternative fuel source. If you need advice on a new electric water heating system call our hot water plumbing specialists on (08) 8444 7311.

Electric Hot Water Service and Repair

Adelaide Hot Water TM can fix, service and repair electric hot water units including electric hot water heater elements, tanks and fittings. Our emergency plumbers provide emergency plumbing repairs within 24 hours. If you don’t have any hot water and you need a hot water repair to your electric hot water, gas hot water, solar hot water or heat pump hot water system call us today on (08) 8444 7311. We can provide you with electric hot water service in and around the Adelaide metro areas.

Electric Hot Water Alternatives

Gas vs electric hot water? Not sure whether you need a gas or electric hot water heater. For most homes, if natural gas is available in your area, an alternative to an electric hot water system should be to replace your old electrical hot water. Alternatives include gas hot water, solar hot water or heat pump hot water systems. The cheapest hot water installation is usually gas but consider the on-going running costs of your hot water heater. A solar hot water system could save you up to $300 per year. Over the course of 10 or even 15 years that could lead to a substantial saving. Solar hot water systems can be boosted by either gas or electric and they provide a creditable alternative to electric or gas hot water systems. When it comes to gas hot water vs electric hot water call us first for the very best local hot water advice.

Other way to save on your Electric Hot Water bills

Here are some additional tips on saving money on your electric water heating system.

Adelaide Hot Water TM provides electric hot water services in and around the Adelaide suburbs. Our electric hot water systems prices are comparable to gas hot water system prices but an electric heating system is much more expensive to run. We install quality hot water brands that are trusted for their reliability. Cheap electric water heaters from cheap hot water brands tend to have inferior warranties and are not recommended. We only use industry leading brands like AquaMax, Rheem, Rinnai and Vulcan when replacing an electric hot water heater. Adelaide Hot Water TM is the name you can trust when it comes to low cost electrical hot water appliances that provide reliability and solid warranties. We have been fitting electric water heaters in Adelaide for over 25 years. Call us today for the very best advice on electric hot water in Adelaide on (08) 8444 7311.

  • When buying a new electric hot water system make sure it can be used ‘off-peak’
  • Try reducing your hot water consumption by switching to a AAA rated shower rose; this can help you save up to 25% of hot water energy usage
  • Reduce your shower time to as short as possible
  • If you’re going away turn your electric hot water unit off
  • Finally consider switching to a solar hot water or heat pump hot water system

Solar Hot Water