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Hot Water Rebates

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Solar Hot Water Rebates

Australian Government Rebates are available if you replace your current electric hot water heater with a solar or heat pump hot water heater and you may also be eligible to receive the following Government Rebates:

  • Renewable Energy Credits from the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) Up to $1000.00 (Conditions apply).
  • Australian Government Rebate for eligible households (Conditions apply).
  • South Australian Government Rebate up to $500.00 (Conditions apply).

Please visit the following websites for more information regarding new hot water system installations and the current availability of both Federal and State Government rebates.

Adelaide Hot Water TM will help you to understand and prepare the required  paper work needed to apply for the Government Rebates currently on offer. Call Adelaide Hot Water now on (08) 8444 7311.

*Note: REC’s prices may vary from time to time, confirmed at time of installation.