Adelaide Hot Water TM supply, install and maintain a range of 5 star energy efficient gas hot water systems from Bosch, Rheem and AquaMAX.

Instantaneous hot water heaters heat the water as and when required. Therefore, a storage tank is not required, this excellent for saving money on your hot water energy bills. These instantaneous hot water systems are smaller than a hot water storage system and they can be mounted on a wall or even inside a cupboard. Instantaneous hot water systems from Adelaide Hot Water TM equals low running costs, and provide four and five star energy efficiency ratings.

Continuous flow systems are very similar to the instantaneous hot water systems except they are much more powerful. Adelaide Hot Water TM supply continuous flow systems with flow rates up to 32 litres/minute. These systems can service several taps at once with medium to high water pressure at the tap. These continuous flow hot water units offer an endless supply of hot water and are five to six star energy efficient.

Below is the list of instantaneous and continuous flow hot water models that Adelaide Hot Water TM currently supply.

Bosch Gas Hot Water Systems
Pilot Hydro Compact Highflow Commercial
10P External 10H External Internal Ci10 17E 32
13P 13H Internal Ci13 21E 32Q
16P 16H Internal Ci16 26E  

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Rheem Gas Hot Water Systems


  330 360  
Aquamax Gas Hot Water Systems


  270 340 390

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